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The medicinal and nutritional values of honey are well known. Mountain honey enhances immunity to colds and coughs.   Beekeeping in the mountains is free of pesticides and other chemicals. Sustainable management and conservation of indigenous honey bees, mainly Apis cerana is being promoted through Women’s Savings and Credit groups of Lag valley in Kullu.

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Popped Amaranthus

AMARANTHUS (Amaranthus viridis)
(vern. Salyara)

One of the high fiber (three times that of wheat), high-protein grains, with numerous medicinal attributes, Salyara is popularly known as King’s grain. The grain is high in lysine, an essential amino acid rare in other cereal crops. Popped, amaranth is gluten-free, high in fiber. Contains calcium (2x milk), iron, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A and C and a form of vitamin E in the seeds (tocotrienols) helps lower cholesterol. The seeds can be popped, ground into flour for use in breads, pancakes, cereals, cookies or other flour based products. The whole seed is sometimes used in a type of porridge.
200 Gms


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FINGER MILLET (Eleusine coracana)
(vern. Kodra)

Traditionally stone grounded flour of Finger millet or Kodra is the richest source of calcium among cereals and grains. Finger millet has 189 times more calcium content and 175 times more iron than some of the major food grain crops. It is a popular food among diabetics as it’s slow digestion helps lower blood sugar levels. It is flavorful and high in protein, fat, and minerals. The flour can be cooked into cakes, biscuits and puddings.

Available: ½ / 1 kg

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FOXTAIL MILLET (Setaria Italica)
(vern.  Kauni)

In the Himalayan regions, millet is used as a cereal, as a base for bread, and in broth. It has unique nutrients that makes it good source of vitamins and minerals like magnesium and phosphorus. Research has connected magnesium to a reduced risk for heart attack and phosphorus for the development of body tissue and energy metabolism.

Available: ½ / 1 kg ( Limited stock)

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BUCKWHEAT (Fagopyrum tataricum)
(vern Gangari)

Energizing and nutritious, buckwheat can be served as an alternative to rice or made into porridge. It is a suitable substitute to grains for people who are sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain protein glutens. Buckwheat is a very good source of manganese / magnesium and dietary fiber. Diets that contain buckwheat have shown to considerably reduce the risks of developing high cholesterol diabetes and high blood pressure.

Available: ½ / 1 kg (Limited stock)

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PROSO MILLET ( Panicum miliaceum)
(vern. Chini)

It is a traditional grain that is cooked like rice and has a mildly sweet and soothing flavour, and is known to be non-acid forming. It is now being widely consumed for its least allergenic and most digestible, gluten-free properties. Proso or hog millet compensates for nutrient deficiencies in rice, as it has vitamins and minerals.

Available: ½ / 1 kg ( Limited stock)

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HAZELNUTS (Corylus colurna)

Hazelnuts are one of the best nuts with a high concentration of Vit E, B5 and B6. Hazelnuts contain variety of anti-oxidants which are good for the immune system. They have proved to be providers of good fats which help in lowering cholesterol and decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Hazelnuts are highly nutritious and can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as in muesli, salads and as a compliment to many food dishes. They can also be eaten raw like other nuts or toasted and added to cakes and deserts.

100 Gms



These sun-dried apple chips contain all the nutrients of apples especially phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants. Studies show that apples help in reducing cholesterol, strengthening the immune system and have proved to be beneficial in fighting chronic diseases. Apple chips make a healthy snack especially for those who are weight watching.

100 Gms